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Household Appliance Sales and Services 

"We service what we sell."

Est. in 1939

We sell a variety of appliances, including refrigerators, freezers, ranges, microwaves, washers, dryers, and dishwashers. Our stock includes a wide selection of standard freestanding electric and gas ranges, and we can also special order drop-in and built-in ranges, cooktops, and single or double-wall ovens. We also have a variety of used appliances in stock.

We specialize in selling, servicing, and installing a wide range of water treatment equipment. Our offerings include water heaters, water softeners, iron softeners, reverse osmosis systems, refrigerator filters, and PureWash eco-friendly laundry systems. 

Furthermore, we provide DISH Network services, Samsung and LG brand televisions in various sizes, and audio accessories. Our TV room showcases our current inventory and prices.

Our product lines' inventory has been categorized by type in the menu above. We kindly invite you to browse through the manufacturer websites' links that we have provided and let us know how we can be of assistance in fulfilling your requirements for a new home or renovation project.

So accommodating! Mark went back to the shop and got a matching brushed stainless water faucet when he discovered that he couldn’t drill through our countertop! Notice he had to drill through the faucet plate! 5stars!

Marhya F.

Thanks, Mark for doing such a great job installing our RO system

Craig L.

Highly recommend Plentywood Electric. We just purchased a fridge and dishwasher last week. Trudi sent me pictures of everything available and within two days Casey and Marcus had it installed! Thank you!! Five stars

Alexa O.

Always had great service provided to me by everyone at Plentywood electric, would recommend them time after time!

Wynne P.

All the guys are great and try to help whenever and wherever they can!!! Only good experiences with them!!!

Joan T.

Love doing my business with PE,

Joanne W.

Thanks to Bob & his staff for a great job!

We call up to Plentywood Electric & they are right at your door, the BEST customer service ever!

Candace C.

[My] parents and my family have always done our best to do business with Plentywood Electric. Bob’s always been very good to us and the servicemen do the best they can to get our products back to us as soon as they can after they fixed it they carry a variety of brands and price ranges and are always willing to treat you right.

Louise U.

Every appliance in our home is from Plentywood Electric. We have been doing business with them our whole married life, almost 58 years. We have never been disappointed. Friendly staff and great service.. 

Sandra E.

Always, so helpful! Even delivering big boxes for my grandson to play in!

Diane C.

Great people and products!
I rate them 100%.

Kd H.

Every time I have been there, I was [t]reated with a happy smile and treated very well. Great customer service!!

Tawnye B.

A long standing business in Plentywood, with great employees. Bob is one of the nicest people you will ever know. They have helped me out on quite a few projects with their knowledge. come to think of it, I bet I have never paid sticker price for anything I have ever bought there, they knock off some right at the start. and you even get a card in the mail signed by the employees after a purchase! Plentywood Electric is a HUGE asset to our community!

Ron B.

Bob and his staff are the best! All our appliances, RO system, hot water heater, softener and TV’s were purchased at P’wood Electric. The service and delivery has always been Johnny on the spot! P’wood Electric is and has been for ?? years a HUGE asset to our community!

Arlene H.

A year ago my dishwasher died a day or so before I was to have a weekend of company....I went to Plentywood Electric...after initially being told it would be a week or so before the new one could be installed, I was amazed to come home from work the next day to find the new one installed! They treat long term customers the best!!!! I ONLY buy appliances from Plentywood Electric.

Laura C.

Plentywood Electric did a great job of bringing all of appliances out to farm hooked it up and took away the old thanks again.

Julie K.

Only place we have bought appliances for 56 years. So glad we have this business in Plentywood!

Marcia N.

We have had some wonderful people from Plentywood Electric come down and do repairs and bring and set up new appliances

Wonderful work people!!

Gay M.

Great advice and great service. We feel their service fees are very reasonable. Speed Queen is the best washer and dryer.

Cindy H.

Plentywood Electric made picking our kitchen appliances easy. They were very competitive on price and they accommodated two trips for delivery. Their staff is the best, and I highly recommend them!

Abby V.

I have gotten all of my appliances from Plentywood Electric. If you have any problems, they are quick to make a service call.

Shelly W.

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